Wreck this Journal I

 Wreck this Journal

I thought it would be fun to share my journal with you. It's a special kind for creative types, a really great idea that Keri Smith came up with. She called it (you guessed it) "Wreck this Journal". It's good exercise for writers like me.  

Climb up high. Drop the Journal

I really like this page. You might not be able to see it, but there's a little journal (tied to the purple balloon) dropping out of Carl Fredrickson's house.

Fill in this page when you are really ANGRY
Okay, so I don't think I was angry when I drew and painted this, but it's Anger from "Inside Out". Doesn't he look really angry?

Figure out a way to FREEZE this page.

I just thought I'd let Elsa and Frozone freeze the page for me. 

   Crack the Spine   Leave This page blank on purpose
These pages are Doctor Who references.
The crack in Amy Pond's wall and the tally marks people make when they've seen The Silence. (Silence will fall!)

Poke holes in this page using a pencil

Firefly (the TV show) and fireflies the holes in the page reveal yellow underneath and when you turn the page...

Draw fat lines and thin
...You see it's Rupunzel's hair. Her face is down at the bottom of the page. (Don't worry about the other page. It's supposed to be a joke, but I'm the only one who gets it.

Scribble wildly, violently, with reckless abandon

Who better to help me with this page than my boys? They did most of the scribbling. I drew David.

Add your own page numbers (starting here)

I used pi and spiraled the numbers around the page with the number one in the very corner. 
(By the way, you may have noticed, I'm sharing these pages very out of order)

Rub here with dirt. 
I admit this one had me stumped for a while. I wasn't sure what to do with it. I saw on Pinterest someone had drawn  Pigpen from Peanuts and it was really cute. But I had a big pink blob on the page from the pink Sharpie that bled through on the other side.
Then I remembered the Gungor song and you see the result.  (I put the flower/heart thing over the pink blob.)

Scratch using a sharp object

I used a staple to make Pete the Cat's scratch marks. He thinks it's groovy.

Find a way to wear the journal

There are little cut out marks around the sunglasses, 11's bow tie, and Harry's glasses.

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