Wreck this Journal II

 Wreck this Journal Part II

So this is like the curtain opening before the first act (ta-da!) and the instructions themselves are supposed to be color coded into nouns and verbs and articles and what-have-you.

A Page for Four Letter Words

As you can see I spent a lot of time on this page. That's probably because I really, really, like words. I tried to use each word only once, but there are a handful that are repeats. There are also a few themes. If you want you can look for them.(Note: I believe the rudest word I used was "snot". You won't find any swearwords or something nasty like "math")

Trace Your Hand

"Not Penny's Boat"
This is a LOST reference. If you don't get it, go watch LOST and be sad when this scene comes up. (Sorry about the spoiler)

Document Time Passing

This is one of my favorite pages so far. There are seven little scenes here. Each one represents one of the seven Chronicles of Narnia

Tear Out. Crumple.

I crumpled part of the page and tried to make it look like it was ironed smooth at the top.

Title Page

Inspired by Sherlock's wallpaper at 
221 B Baker Street
Made from a Zentangle and a yellow smiley face.

Collect Fruit Stickers Here 

Minions like fruit

Stand Here

Sam helped me with this one. He painted on another piece of paper, I stood on it barefoot then stood on my journal: Mama's Feet by Sam.

Give Away Your Favorite "Sell This" Page 

I modified these instructions instead of giving away my favorite page. Some people just paste on a picture of Grumpy Cat and the word "NO".

Tear This Page Out 
(put it in your pocket, 
put it through the wash, 
stick it back in)

I used tape. 
Some of the page disintegrated,
 but most of it made it back into the journal

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