Thursday, January 28, 2016

How Does He Love Us?

How does He love us? Let Him count the ways. 

In my Sunday School class we've been learning about the overwhelming evidence of the accuracy of the Bible. It's been fascinating. Did you know that DNA is a lot like computer code? It's complicated and specific, and no way, no how, assembled by chance. There's also archaeology. Scads of evidence corroborates the accounts of the Bible. Amino acids and ancient pottery- it all reinforces what we already know. I really enjoy it, but it frustrates me, too, because this study material wouldn't exist if it weren't for skeptics, but most skeptics aren't going to listen anyway. So what’s the point? Many people want to be their own authority and have rewritten the truth to make that a possibility. 
For a long time I thought that my frustration was a flaw. I was just being narrow and overly sensitive. 
Until I decided to try something I had read about: I asked God to tell me things He loves about me.
That's right. 
I asked God what he loves about me. 
I waited until I had a rare quiet moment to myself and I asked Him. He told me other things, too, but I was surprised when He brought up the topic I just mentioned. My impatience with refusals to acknowledge Him? My discomfort with the fact that we have to arm ourselves with extra-biblical information because of the willful ignorance of others? He loves that about me. Loves it. I thought it was a defect, but He loves it. 
And here is my point: We live in an upside-down world.We're bombarded with lies every day and it changes the way we see things. God sees things differently. 
I encourage you to ask Him to open your eyes to the lies you're believing about yourself. Really listen. Take a quiet moment and ask Him to tell you what He loves about you and get ready to be overwhelmed because you are profoundly loved, His list is long, and He may say something that surprises you. 

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