Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Just Breathe

  There's so much to do each and every day. So many things tugging on us, wanting our attention and our precious time. I did a lot of things today. I got a haircut, ran errands, prepared meals, helped with homework, made phone calls, filled out forms, read bedtime stories and more. I didn't have a lot of time to think about what I wanted to say here, so this one will be a little short. 
   A couple of days ago I sent out a tweet that said "I want to be productive today. Even if I am I know I'll feel bad about the stuff I DIDN'T do". 
   I'm pretty sure you can relate. 
   So even though I accomplished a lot today, I still felt like I was lagging behind when I finally sat down to think of something to share here. I was scrolling along when I came across this quote.

   I did a lot more today than breathe, but I was reminded of something we all already know. That life is more than our to-do lists. That it's more important to do what's important than to do a lot of ...whatever. In fact not only did I read a really excellent blog post about "being still" today, the sermon at church on Sunday morning was about this very thing I'm writing about now, so shame on me anyway for not seeing it sooner. (I wish there was a way to share that message, too, because it was really good)
    But if you're a little stressed out too, take a deep breath. Just breathe. Don't let busyness get in the way of what Jesus might have on your to-do list today.

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